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"the best of the best. If I were forced to choose among the so many wonderful experiences we had in Namibia and pick out one to recommend to somebody who has just a day in the country, I would unhesitatingly choose the trip guided by Fanie du Preez, who runs Kuiseb Delta Adventures . Fanie should be declared a state asset. His knowledge of the area, the way he takes care of you - more like a friend than a customer, and his excellent 4WD driving skills combine to deliver an experience non pareil. So much that you almost forget the unforgettable - the unexpectedness of the immense sand dunes colliding with the raging ocean, the lengths to which life will go to manifest itself, the persistence of humans (the Topnaar tribe) who in this day and age can base their entire lives around a fruit and have not much use for money, and above all, the driving home of the fact that nature is far more powerful than us humans in the long term, and that we fiddle with it at our peril...."

"During my recent travels to Namibia, I went on a Historical Dune Tour with Fanie Du Preez, who owns Kuiseb Delta Adventures. As many of you know I am fairly well traveled, but I can honestly say that going with Fanie was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. Fanie is passionate about the delta and did a great job showing us everything. I had never been on a quad bike before, and Fanie was very patient and helpful in instructing me (at one point though he did mention that I was doing better than Angelina Jolie!). I highly highly recommend a trip to Namibia, and in particular going with Fanie to see the wonders of the Kuiseb Delta."