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Sandwich Harbour/Historian Quad Tour Highligts - 4x4 Day Tour

This tour, which includes lunch, is done with all-wheel drive vehicles with expert off-road drivers/tour guides, and start in Walvis Bay.

We visit the Topnaars living in the dunes of the delta behind the town, where we will also visit an historic Khoi midden (living place). Here we see human skeletons, pieces of clay pots, different kind of beads, etc., etc. We also visit a Topnaar artist (if at home) living in the dunes, where the tourists can buy water paintings of the living things in this dune desert. On our way to Sandwich Harbor, 50 kilometers south of town, we will make a few stops in the dunes, showing our guests the small life in the desert.

We drive through the vegetated plains of the Kuiseb delta where we sometimes see some of the animals of the delta, like springbok, ostriches or jackal, until we reached a dune with a view over the salt plains area of the delta. If we are lucky, but mostly we are, we will show you the rare endemic “Dune Lark” while on this route. We proceed from the Namib Naukluft park border next to the beach until we reach the beginning of the “Sea of Sand”, where it borders on the Atlantic Ocean.

Now we continue southwards, on the beach, if the tide allows us, until we reach the Sandwich Harbour lagoon. We cannot stay to long and must get back between the sea and the dunes, before the tide gets to high and prevent us from returning. It must be clearly stated that reaching the Sandwich Harbour lagoon is totally depended on the sea tide and cannot be guaranteed.

Then we drive for a while on the high dunes on the edge of the ocean with breathtaking views over the high dunes, the beach, and the ocean. This place is really spectacular and one of the tourism highlights of Namibia. A photographers dream!

From the dunes we drive back to Walvis Bay, but before we reach town, we drive onto a dune with a spectacular view over the salt pans. We take a last look over the delta, tired, but satisfied after an exciting and full day in a wonderful part of nature.

Although this tour is the same and equal to the standard Sandwich Harbour tours, it includes the highlights of our famous Historian quad tours, something no other tour operator can offer you.